The concept number 1 of LX Holding is the win, win! Where we also share profits among our investors and thus both come out in profit.

Regardless of the effort, we always do our best to ensure that the results are fully achieved, even if our partner is a capitalist partner. The concept of dividing the results was born of the concept that we are equal, even in the hour of producing the results.

LX Holding has several companies under its management and the businesses of these companies are responsible for the success of the entire group. Currently among the group’s businesses we have: Short-term rentals, Short-Term buying and selling real estate, buying and selling cars, renting cars, buying and selling merchandise, focusing on wholesale, training and courses among others.

LX Gifts for World is the arm of LX Holding that deals with the purchase and sale of merchandise and this company was responsible for giving international authority to the group due to the strong work with the purchase and sale of sports supplements.

The company’s CEO, Luis Miranda, currently has almost 3 million followers in social networks and is responsible for the ever-greater dissemination of the name and business of the entire group and is also directly responsible for the success of these businesses, since its notoriety and confidence are passed on to the group companies.

LX Holding is an American company that knows how to take advantage of the best of America, which is the country of opportunity. We understand that bringing more business and investment wins the United States, Brazil, investors and the whole group.

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