LX Holding Corp

LX Holding Corp, born on February 15, 2011, is a controlling company for its own and third-party businesses focused on Brazilians who have always dreamed of investing in the most enterprising country in the world in the United States.

Its’ founder and president, Luis Miranda, known for his jargon “Together they have stronger”, received several opportunities in the American market that were not tested and taken advantage of by their citizens and their companies took advantage of opportunities and invest, a fact that was very successful and has already yielded thousands of the entire group and companies involved.

The main areas of companies linked to LX Holding are Cars, Real Estate and Merchandise. The movement of resources is around $ 50 million and by 2020 a turnover of $ 1 billion. After a series of analysis performed by some experts, this value should already be called throughout 2019.

The company currently has about 100 leased properties with prospects of more than 1000 positions by the end of 2020, making LX Holding one of the largest real estate management companies in the world.

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